Dice Project – diceproject.biz

July 2, 2006

The program description is as follows:

A team of professional gamblers from Austria have created something fresh and new in the blighted world of hyips. Our program offers everything that hyips would offer: high yield (daily 4%), nice webpage, custom script, DDOS protection, 256 bit SSL, and fast reacting support staff. Try this new side of investing – we are professionals in our business, like everyone else on the forex market.

Honestly, I was tempted to put a test spend on this one. But once I saw their proofs of betting were in soccer, immediately I dismissed the idea. Soccer is very unpredictable game. The ball is round so they say. As such, I don’t see how they can make consistent profits over soccer. According to my research, the most professional gamblers are found mostly in poker and horse betting arena. Nevertheless, they also involved in gambling at Monte Carlo. On this, they have never shown any proofs. If they had, I would have joined. Fortunately, I didn’t. And I am very happy with my decision. And they have not been paying for around one week already. I hope nobody lose a lot of money on this one. It is very unfortunate that nowadays ponzis are not playing by the book.


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