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July 22, 2006 is a new forex-based program on the HYIP land. I first saw this program at MMG forum. I then asked the admin to be verified by third parties. Apparently they took the challenge. Very good of them. Jorhyne has done a DD on them. According to him, what he has seen so far is impressive. He has received business incorporation documents, a verified address, and access to the demo trading account. It is estimated that the program has gained more than $7,000 on a starting balance of $10,000 over the period of one month or so. Also, they invited HansG to review their program. I believe HansG has not finished reviewing yet. So far, I am impressed with how far they’re willing to go about transparency. Further, they offer 10-20% monthly profit. Members will be limited to 1000 people only. And the minimum is only $50. However, I am not comfortable with some things. First, what they have is just demo trading result. I am afraid we might be dealing with a forex newbie here. Next, they refuse to reveal the trading strategy. If the trading strategy is flawed, then we will see future losses before our eyes. Then, we have 12-month lock-in period. Honestly, I never like this. I can’t pull out anytime I want. And lastly, the admin behavior in HYIP forum is not professional. I seriously doubt about this guy’s emotional stability. He is very sarcastic in nature. And also the man tends to be too defensive about his program. As for now, I’d not recommend anybody to invest more than $50 bucks. Better yet, don’t invest at all. Lest you sorry.


4 Responses to “GlobalForexClub –”

  1. Jude Says:

    You’re pretty right about the lock-in and the demo account. until they have track records, its best to wait and watch for this one. Neat blog btw!

  2. This is totally nonorganized information. Last week I listened to an audio book the “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything” by Kerry Patterson, Jos Click

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