My Present Portfolio

July 17, 2006

I want to share with you all my present investment portfolio. Note that the following list doesn’t necessarily give you the assurance that they are real. All that I did was my own analysis. So, please be careful and invest at your own risk.


JoyFund is a new program dealing with commodity options. The admin and trader, Arnaud, is from Spain. He has about 9 months of trading history before announcing the program. And he also claims to have four years of experience long before this. Rabbit and HansG have done their reviews on the trading account and Arnaud’s personal details. I think given the reputation of the reviewers, it should be safe enough to assume that Arnaud is a real person and he does the trading. However, his trading strategy or risk management is of course another story. Hence, that’s one thing you need to take into consideration before joining.


FX-Experts is a long-time forex program. The admin, Marcos, is from Brazil. The blog owner of etalkmoney has done a DD on him. And I believe some others have done it as well. It is safe to say that they are really doing the trading. Nevertheless, they did use aggresive strategy in the first time. As of now, I heard that they’re moving into conservative approach. While previously they’re giving away interest from their reserve fund, now they’re back in profit. That is a good indication that the trader is of some quality. Plus the fact that he is employed by Dukascopy makes him more credible.

Udachu Invest

Udachu Invest is a new program from Udachu Financial specializing only in forex market. Hence, this is relatively different from its sister, Udachu Fund. Udachu Invest is projected to give 20% returns monthly. However, in the first two months, it has failed to do so. So far, May’s return is 11% while June’s return is 13%. Since the program is not so transparent and considering that they are many new transparent programs, I have decided to pull out in near future.

Rog’s Trade 1

Rog, one of the respected HYIPD members, has been kind to help others by offering some offshore investment programs. Rog offers three trades up to now. However, the first trade is the one with the highest yield. Therefore, I am. Note that there has been no DD on these trades. So, I strongly advise you to pull out your initial investment and roll your profits. I don’t know how long this can last but I hope Rog is honest about his intention.